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"I'm new to this area and I needed a reliable, easy and fast wireless connection. I'm a student and I work full time so money is usually tight. As I was feeling around my new home I stopped in a local shop for coffee and I had to email a My laptop picked up on BOLT, which was a free connection. The other option was to pay five dollars just for that day.  I was happy to find that BOLT offered fast, secure and easy wireless access.  Since then I have used BOLT every day and I have never been disappointed. Plus, BOLT is local and as far as I'm concerned, trustworthy. I've recommended BOLT to numerous friends and they've had the same positive experience I have."

-Steve, Prescott, AZ


I have never been so pleased with a company before...


Regarding an outage...“I have never been so pleased with a company before.  The fact that you sent out this notice to your customers solidifies my decision to have you as my provider.   I was one of those that lost my ability to use the net however, it wasn't long before it was up and running. Again, I thank you for taking the time and effort to send this notice out.  You're #1 in my book and I have nothing but the best things to say about BOLT Internet. I have no hesitation recommending your services to everyone I know.”

-Sharon W., Paulden, AZ