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When you go looking for love, an education, a car or a new TV you have to use an evaluation and comparison process to eliminate some of the choices. We have provided the following to help you understand all of the hidden costs buried in the 4 inches of fine print at the bottom of those ads and in the 16 page contracts.


The first question to ask is, “How can the cable and phone companies use decades old analog systems to deliver 21st century digital services?” Sending huge data files across the thin wires that were meant for simple telephone conversations or one-way TV transmission would be like NASA sending people to the space station in row boats or on bicycles.

If you want state-of -the-art Internet service you should go with a company that is using state-of-the-art technology. Bolt Internet uses radio equipment built to deliver high speed Internet over large areas.  We use the latest equipment and the best providers to provide service to over 1000 square miles (more than cable or DSL) around the Greater Prescott area.


NASA uses radio waves to talk to space craft going to Venus, Saturn and Mars. This is the most efficient, secure and reliable way to provide this service to you here in rural Arizona.


The outages that the cable and the phone companies have, will persist. The wires that were put on the poles and in the ground in the 50’s and 70’s are getting old and breaking. The big companies have never made any significant investments in rural Arizona. They concentrate on the biggest markets with the biggest returns, i.e. Phoenix.


 Bolt Internet is employee owned. We are your neighbors and friends. We want to help develop the area and provide the top tier service that you desire.


Look at the chart below. Make comparisons in price, speed and notice how much more you pay when the introductory price ends. You can’t buy high speed Internet service for less than the price of dial-up without a catch. Please beware.