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A BOLT Business Hotspot makes your business a desirable place for people to get their internet fix while they are running around town. Whether people are on lunch break, shopping, visiting while on vacation, or out on the town they can swing through your business and surf the web. The more people who come through your front door increases your sales, and when they discover the ease of surfing the web at your business, they will come back as well as spread the word generating more business for you.

Here's the rundown on a BOLT Business Hotspot...

  1. BOLT installs a hotspot router in your business. This router separates your private business information from the hotspot people will access while they visit you. This helps protect your business from the average person finding out your private business.
  2. Anyone with a wireless device can access the internet through your hotspot for free. If they have a need for speed they can buy an access card from you which increases their internet speeds and puts money in your pocket.
  3. A BOLT Business Hotspot is a divided hotspot where wireless devices talk to the access point instead of talking to other devices. This isolation reduces the risk of hackers using your business to do their dirty work.
  4. Once your hotspot is working we let our customers know that your business is a local hotspot. That way they can stop by and support your business. Out of town visitors who stay in a hotel with BOLT Internet service will see you are a hotspot and make your business a destination so they can get online while they are cruising around.
  5. If your customers have any problems with service they can call our 24/7 support.
  6. On our website you will be listed as a hotspot and a link to your business website will allow people to get to you.
  7. If you place our brochures on your counter, your hotspot will be assigned a promo code which will earn you BOLT Bucks each time a new customer signs up for our regular monthly service.

For more information or to set up a BOLT Business Hotspot call 928-717-BOLT (2658).